Last month was crazy about sandbag orders. Unfortunately all sandbags are out of stock. They should be back in three weeks from now (the 4th of April). Sorry for this. We didn't foresee such a demand.

Good news is "New is coming"

Sandbags 2018 version:

Sandbags standard 7kg and Sandbag Large 13Kg - New type of material used - Nylon -  it is polyamide textile.

  • Durability
  • Sand doesn't stick to fabric
  • Prettier look

Family grows:

Sandbag Large 13kg - ENDURANCE Edition - New type of material - Original Cordura. 

  • Extreme durability for the most demanding clients 
New type of "sandbags" 8kg and 12kg.

I should say metal balls weigh bag. These products are filled with Chrome steel balls.
  • Extreme durability - original Cordura material
  • About 50% smaller than Sandbag
  • New design (Standard in US and Scandinavia)

Resuming year 2018 brings NEW!

5 types of Sandbags:
7kg Nylon
13kg Nylon & Cordura (ENDURANCE Edition)
8kg & 12kg Steel Bag Cordura (both ENDURANCE Edition)