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A few words about apple boxes…

Apple boxes are plywood made crates in definite dimensions. In one set of apple boxes there are four pieces in different size.

The origin of the term “apple boxes” is not clear, nowadays it’s determines a standard size wooden box. On every film set apple boxes are must have tool that makes work easier and more comfortable. This tool is useful on every type of set, both small amateur studio and big professional Hollywood studio.

How to use apple boxes?

Apple boxes are must have item on every set. Independently what variety of apple box you have, you can use them almost for everything. Here are a few tips that show how powerful tool it is.

  • If you actor is not tall enough – use apple boxes,
  • If any part of your scenography (chair, table, desk, cabinet) is not high enough – use apple boxes.
  • If you want to seat and rest – use apple boxes. If you need to elevate camera… and so on.
  • Fixing lamps and other equipment to apple boxes

There are many more different uses for apple boxes and I’m not able to show everyone, but here is a few photo from our friends who show us our apple boxes in use.

  1. Gritty, unstable ground (beach, forest, meadow... )

    apple box film setapple box grip equipmentAt this film set we used tripod and slider supports

  2. Actress and crew leveling

    apple box propping
    apple box propping
  3. Basis for gear

    apple box gearIMG_20170204_093500.jpg

  4. Resting and eating

    apple box seatapple box seat

  5. Mounting lights and other equipment 

    DSC_9706.JPGydxj0206-1024x768.jpgydxj0214-1024x768.jpgApple box film set support

  6. Track leveling

Apple boxes are also used to leveling dolly tracks. 

Types of Apple Boxes

Apple Box Set

Apple box film tools
Apple box dimensions

  1. Full: 20”x12x”x8”

  2. Half: 20”x12”x4”

  3. Quarter: 20”x12”x2”

  4. Eight (Pancake): 20”x12”x1”

how to make apple box

This optimal standard set allows placement of any stack heights from 1" to 27" with an accuracy of 1 inch.

Mini Apple Box Set

There are also a smaller version of apple boxes - “mini apple boxes”. It’s height and width is the same as standard one, but it’s lenght is half of it.
Mini apple box set
Mini apple box dimensions

  1. Mini Full: 10”x12x”x8”

  2. Mini Half: 10”x12”x4”

  3. Mini Quarter: 10”x12”x2”

  4. Mini Eight (Pancake): 10”x12”x1”

Guide to studio apple boxes

Apple Box Nested Set

The last variety of apple boxes is a “apple box nested” this amazing set was invented and created to save space. Dimensions of Full apple box are modified to put rest of apple boxes inside.

Apple box nesting

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