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Did you know that Apple Boxes can be painted?

For painting apple boxes you can use several types of paints:

Phthalate enamel

Creates a very durable coating, resistant to mechanical and atmospheric factors. Great disadvantage is that it is drying slowly. Second layer can dry about 4-6 days.


A protective and decorative painting of wood and wood products. Varnished paintings emphasize and retain the drawings of wood, protect wood against fungus and external factors . The coating is less durable than the phthalate paint, but it dries much faster.

Acrylic wood paints

Quite similar to phthalate enamel with the advantage that it dries faster. But outer coating may be a little less durable and less toxic.

Natural wax

We use natural bee wax, which has the advantage over ordinary varnish that has a much longer shelf life and thanks to wax does not scald.

What paint to choose?

Depending on the expected effect we recommended:

  • If you expect a nice drawing of wood, exposed jars - use varnish (or natural wax)
  • However, if you depend on the most durable coating - use phthalate enamel.
  • If you still do not know what to choose take acrylic pant.
  • You want us to do it for you? just contact us:

Would you like to personalize your Apple Box set? No problem, you can purchase custom logo on our website.

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