When I look well-known company products I was wondering how is it possible to pay good money for low quality Chinese product. We decided to create own black-solid flags. It's just metal frame with fabric attached... yeah right.
At this moment I can say it's not so easy.

  • You have to find optimal metal pipe for frame which is not heavy and enough rigid at the same time.
  • Second problem is fabric. We spent a lot of time on testing to choose light, the best quality/cost effective textile.
  • Third problem is sewing but we did it. Fabric appropriately stretched with no flimsy spaces and nylon stitches.
  • Assuming now we are able to deliver cutters/flags in varies sizes.

Why to choose Udengo Cutter/Black Solid Flag ?

  • You get quality in reasonable price
  • Velcro Floppy is included - combine cutters with Velcro, double size single flag 
  • In stock, ready to ship